human bridge


Materials to Lesbos

14 March, 2016

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-Lesbos has 43,000 residents, and since the start of the refugee crisis last autumn, 700 000 refugees have passed the island. Nearly 500 have died, says Andre Kurduan from REACT Sweden, which is one of the 87 active organisations on the island. Human Bridge is one of the organizations that regularly sends materials to assist with the reception of refugees who arrive by boat from for instance Turkey.


Hospital beds to Jimma

1 February, 2014

Two containers with medical equipment, mostly beds, have been sent to Jimma, Ethiopia. In the city there is an old hospital to where Human Bridge has sent equipment in many years, but this time the containers go to a hospital that is under construction and needs equipment.



Refugee camp in Iraq

17 December, 2013

Recently, two containers from Human Bridge arrived in northern Iraq. They are filled with medical equipment, clothes, blankets and tents to a refugee camp for Syrian refugees. More than two million people have fled the fighting in Syria.


Material for reconstruction

6 December, 2013

The hospitals in Ormoc City on the island Leyte, Philippines, have been destroyed by the typhoon and require reconstruction. Two containers with roof plate from Plannja AB, tents and medical equipment have been packed and left Holsbybrunn. The medical equipment will be used in three hospitals in Ormoc City and will there be placed in the rooms that are in best shape. The roof plate will partly be used for the hospitals and partly for homes.