human bridge sjukvård
human bridge sjukvård


The combined historic efforts (since the early seventies) of the represented organizations in terms of volume of materials shipped to over 100 countries throughout the world are substantial. Today on average one shipment per day is dispatched from our warehouses to different destinations. Of these shipments approximately 400 tons are comprised of assorted hospital materials and equipment.

An example of our projects directed towards hospitals is the co-operation we have with Ethiopian health authorities. Over the past 12 years we have delivered approx. 160 x 40 foot containers to more than 40 hospitals in different regions in this country. Some of these regions are: Amhara region, Tigray region, Benshangul Gomez region, Gambela Region, Afar region, South region, Harar region and currently Oromia region. The projects are highly appraised by the receiving hospitals benefiting from these efforts.

Human Bridge is constantly open to finding new partners interested in co-operating in projects as described above. Interested parties are welcome to contact us in this respect.

Would you like to donate?
We are constantly in search of contact with hospitals, institutions and companies to get hold of equipment that for various reasons no longer are used in the daily operations. If you are interested in donating hospital materials, please contact us.