human bridge


The association Human Bridge was created in 2001 through the merging of the relief departments of two international relief and development organizations in Sweden. These organizations, Erikshjälpen and Läkarmissionen had been carrying out relief projects involving material aid from 1974 and 1990 respectively. In forming an organization with a combined administration for the carrying out of these types of projects, it was felt that the experience and resources of the organizations were put to most effective use. Human Bridge now constitutes a professional organization which implements all projects related to material relief in cooperation with the above mentioned development organizations.

The primary areas of work entail:

  1. Collecting, reconditioning/repairing of all kinds of hospital equipment and supplies and shipping these to hospitals around the world.
  2. Purchasing and shipment of supplies (food, tents, blankets etc.) to disaster areas.
  3. Collecting, sorting, packing and shipment of clothes to those in need.
  4. Various forms of fundraising to cover costs of projects.